Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This post is purely for questions any of you may have for me regarding the Zombie Apocalypse or otherwise. I'll be sure to answer any questions you may have and will keep this post updated daily. Ask away.

@ "Won't scavenger animals eat the zombies?"
No. The fact remains that the zombies we're talking about are not undead, but as living as you and I; the difference being a viral infection (see previous post of mine on mutation and evolution of viruses). In short, the person would be aggressive and not only attack humans, but pretty much anything within proximity, including any animal that is trying to attack it. And as you know, the only way to take a zombie down is by shooting it in the head. While this isn't entirely the case here, disabling the nervous system is, in fact, the best way to rid yourself of the attacker. This is because of the lack of pain response of damage to the body itself.

@Randy "Why won't animals turn into zombies?"

This is actually a common misconception induced by the cinema. Though there is a possibility that other animals will not, in fact, be turned into zombies (due to them not being the primary host) it is more than likely that they will be effected just as easy as humans.

@Tornado Jackson
Sorry for the late reply, and thanks for the compliment. Anyway, I would say a sledgehammer is better considering the fact that after some time of carrying it around you would become used to the weight. Especially after hefting it at the heads of countless zombies. Not to mention if the virus could be transfered via fluids then the simple carnage of a chainsaw is a bad idea.


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  2. Why don't zombies attack each other?

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  4. 28 days later is probably the most realistic look at a zombie outbreak. Unfortunate because the other types would be so much easier to bash over the head with a cricket bat :d

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  9. Why wont animals turn into zombies?

  10. Which would be better for dealing with a zombie horde, a sledgehammer or a chainsaw? The chainsaw can run out of gas, but the hammer's heavy.

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