Sunday, August 29, 2010

First post

Save for the dim light flooding in from outside, the room is perpetually black. You're waiting in a basement, hiding from the monstrosities that have made themselves known outside the protective concrete walls. Your world as you know it is crumbling around you, and it's all because of that damned infection. It started just a week or so ago, but has become a pandemic, turning any who suffer from it into a mindless, animalistic creature.

The news has said to lock yourself indoors and not to let anyone into your house. Even family, neighbors and friends could have been infected, inevitably leading to your untimely demise. This is not the common idea of a zombie, the walking dead. No; this is an infected being. Infected by a mutated strand of rabies, it instills in its victims the very qualities of a rabid dog, and for that matter, a zombie.

This is just a precursor of whats to come. Stay tuned as I begin to develop ideas of how such a fictional thing could easily become reality, but for now, this is all. Have a nice day, and remember. Always aim for the head.


  1. i like this.

  2. Have you visited my site recently? ;)

  3. Good stuff, following and such.

  4. Nice stuff , i love zombie movies.